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Tar Sands Pipeline Protests, Arrests Continue at White House (Video) *Cherri Foytlin warns: Big Oil will own you*

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Cherri Foytlin issues Big Oil warning

Tar Sands Pipeline Civil Disobedience Continues Tar Sands Action is reporting that 322 have now been arrested at the White House in Washington, D.C. during the historic protest against the Tar Sands Pipeline. The protest is from August 20 through September 3. American citizens continue to speak out, sit in, and be arrested for civil disobedience. Cherri Foytlin, who stood up to BP during and after the BP Gulf Oil Spill arrived at the White House to speak and be arrested. Ms. Foytlin's passion and determination are an inspiration to all who are fed up with Big Oil systematically destroying ecosystems, people, and communities through legal manipulation and outright illegal, criminal action. A video of her speaking and being arrested at the White House is below.

Citizens stand up to Big Oil
Photo Credit: Ben Powless

Stand Up to Big Oil. Yes, YOU!
Sign the Tar Sands Action online petition here!
Tell President Obama: No to Keystone XL:
"The tar sands represent a catastrophic threat to our communities, our climate, and our planet. We urge you to demonstrate real climate leadership by rejecting the requested permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and instead focus on developing safe, clean energy."
See the photos of the protests and arrests at the White House here.

Cherri Foytlin: Lessons From the Gulf Coast Gulf coast resident Cherri Foytlin returns to DC to join the Tar Sands Action and share her cautionary tale of Big Oil's impact on the region. Ms. Foytlin argues the trade-offs between Big Oil jobs and damage are not worth it. "I'm here to protect the people who are going to be affected by this pipeline. We've seen it can be devastating to a community and our environment is not worth a few bucks and a few jobs in the here and now". Foytlin warned the potentially affected people and communities that if there is a spill or accident on the proposed Tar Sands Pipeline, "First they (Big Oil) are going to come in and lie to you and tell you that it is far less oil than it is. They (Big Oil) will own the response, will own the science, will own your health care, and they will own whether or not you get compensated. If you don't believe me, living in the Gulf (of Mexico), then you can ask the people living at the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, you can ask the people of Valdez, Alaska, you can ask the people of Laurel, Montana, you can ask the people of Ecuador, you can ask the people of Nigeria, or where there are 200 to 300 oil spills a year around the world." Foytlin add, "They (Big Oil) always say there are going to be jobs created, but my point is that the trade-off is not enough. Once you sell-out like that, once you give it away, they (Big Oil) take it all. It's not about jobs, it's about life. That's the most important thing. It bothers me."

Leslie Englehart standing up to Big Oil
Photo Credit: Josh Lopez

Tell President Obama:
No to Keystone XL

MEDIA ADVISORY - Tar Sands Action
Aug 25, 2011
Pipeline Protestors Will Chant “Yes We Can” at White House this Morning; 50 More Arrests Expected
Voices: Aaron Viles, director of Healthy Gulf; Sherri Foytlin, iconic voice of BP disaster; and Bill McKibben, environmentalist spearheading the protest.
WASHINGTON, DC - Over 50 more people are expected to be arrested in front of the White House today as part of an ongoing protest to push President Obama to deny the permit for a proposed oil pipeline. This morning, participants will continue to sharpen their focus on President Obama. Chants of “Yes We Can” and “Fired Up, Ready to Go!” have increased a the White House this week, as Americans from the around the country come to Washington, DC to push the President many voted for to stand up to Big Oil.
Where: Lafeyette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
When: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Visuals: Over 50 people arrested in-front of the White House with “Yes We Can / Stop the Pipeline” Banners and more. Spokespeople at the protest today include a number of Gulf Coast residents, who have seen first hand the damage an oil spill can cause, will be at the White House to warn fellow Americans of the dangers posed by the Keystone XL. The proposed pipeline could cause a BP style oil disaster in America’ heartland, directly over the Ogallala Aquifer, a source of drinking water for over 20 million people. Aaron Viles, the director of Healthy Gulf, is one of the leaders of the Gulf delegation to the protest and will be available for interviews beginning at 10:30 AM in Lafeyette Park across from the White House. He has appeared on CNN, the PBS NewsHour, NBC News, CNBC, to speak about ongoing efforts to clean up the damage done by the BP disaster.

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