Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dogs Help Endangered Species: Animals Assist Animals

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Frehley the Border Collie with Biologist Bud Marks

Frehley the Border Collie is on a mission and living, yep, a dog's life. He was on death row in an animal shelter, but biologists rescued Frehley to work in the forests of the Jemez Mountains.

Frehley, and other dogs, now sniff for the scat of endangered species worldwide. No ecosystem appears to be outside the abilities of these Conservation Canines. From pocket mice to elephants to killer whales, tracking other animals is natural for these working dogs. Frehley, et al. are loving every minute!

Nature Helping Nature: Conservation Canines A team of four-legged researchers sniff out critical conservation data to help New Mexico's forests adapt to a changing climate.

Tucker the Labrador Sniffing for Whales

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tracking Giant Anacondas in Brazil!

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Common or Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)

No matter that Titanoboa the Great (Titanoboa cerrejonensis) is the biggest, baddest, greatest snake that ever lived. Titanoboa is extinct. The anaconda is alive and well in South America, even though a garter snake compared to the long-gone king of snakes. The issue at hand is the anaconda is not such a small fry compared to humans.

The modern anaconda can be longer than 20 feet and weigh over 200 pounds. Therein lies the problem in "human encounters anaconda". This snake is a formidable predator living in and near water for most of its life. Let's go below the surface of a Brazilian river and see for ourselves!

Anacondas: Tracking Elusive Giants in Brazil Legend has it these Amazonian giants drag off children and pets in the night.

Anaconda Swallows a Giant Capybara Whole Never-before-seen footage shot by Juka, an Amazon savannah guide from near Bonito, Brazil.

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Seeking Alpha