Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mitt Romney Defends Corporate Tax Breaks: "Corporations Are People" (Video) "Of course they are"


Republican Party Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney: "Corporations are people"

United Corporations of America "It is a shocking admission from a candidate-and a party-that shamelessly puts forward policies to help large corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the middle class, seniors, and students," DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement. CNN is reporting, "In one instance, the candidate declared "corporations are people" - a line surely to become ammunition for political opponents eager to cast Romney as a wealthy corporate raider unfamiliar with the concerns of average Americans. At times Romney sounded populist themes, at one point saying: "If we're going to turn around the economy … Let's send some citizens to Washington." And yet, in another breath, the former Massachusetts governor defended big business against high taxes. 'Corporations are people, my friend,' Romney said. 'Everything a corporation earns ultimately goes to people.'"

No Tax Increases for Corporations Romney's bizarre logic is that he is against raising taxes on people, corporations are people, therefore he is against raising taxes on corporations. In the video below that led him to his statement, "corporations are people". First he said no tax increases, then someone in the crowd yelled "corporations", implying raise corporate taxes. Then Romney made the leap to include corporations as people, as among the people in the crowd. Of course Romney has, does, and will personally be enriched from no tax increases on the wealthy and corporations. Romney receives significant funds from corporations and the wealthy whose interests he protects. MSNBC reports, "Badgered by hecklers in an appearance at the fair, Romney insisted that "corporations are people," a comment Democrats predicted would be a defining moment of his campaign. Romney, a wealthy businessman who has struggled with an aloof and elitist image as he tries for the GOP presidential nomination a second time, made the remark while outlining options for reducing the federal deficit and overhauling entitlement programs." See previous post about corporations subverting democracy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Big Coal, Corporations, Democracy (Video) *USA democracy has been subverted*.

Mountain Seer Conclusion Mitt Romney is the candidate supported by the United Corporations of America, formerly known as the United States of America and the Land of the Free. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks". Romney should know that Bible verse from his Mormon background. At least Romney is candid in his position of corporations versus people, corporations versus democracy and has planted his flag squarely on the corporate side. A corporation's ultimate goal is to maximize shareholder wealth. This should be a disclaimer at the beginning of every advertisement on television, radio, the Internet, print, etc. Advertising and marketing campaigns are propaganda first and foremost. Corporations are only concerned ultimately about customers buying their product or service. This is enhanced by a positive public image sometimes. One way to enhance this public image is through charitable contributions, but only to the extent earnings per share are not materially affected negatively. Corporations want a financial, political, tax, and economic system that maximizes their profitability and therefore shareholder wealth. This is enhanced by political contributions. The Supreme Court of the United States has given corporations carte blanche to manipulate the tax and political system through bribes, sometimes called political contributions, to politicians in the United Corporations of America, formerly known as the United States of America and the Land of the Free. Mitt Romney is enjoying and profiting from the massive influx of corporate cash to political campaigns via Citizens United vs. FEC ruling by the Supreme Court of the United Corporations of America. Maintaining or restoring clean air, clean water, and a functioning ecosystem costs money, reduces profits, and ultimately decreases earnings per share for the shareholders. Therefore it is cheaper for corporations to evade these expenses through a variety of legal maneuvers and pass on the costs to the public and taxpayers.

Voters Heckle Romney in Iowa Talks get tense when Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney faces angry voters during a rally in Iowa. Romney makes his "corporations are people" statements beginning at 3:23. His exact statement was, "Corporations are people, my friend. Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?"

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