Thursday, August 11, 2011

Corporations Versus Democracy (Video) "Why democracy only works when people are in charge"

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We the People are losing our democracy, Corporations are gaining more control

Supreme Court of the United States or of Corporations? In a previous post, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Big Coal, Corporations, Democracy (Video) *USA democracy has been subverted*, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said of the current Supreme Court and ruling bloc, "The coherent philosophy of Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Jr., and Clarence Thomas is one thing, the corporations always win. If it's government against an individual, the government wins. If it's corporations against the individual, the corporation wins. If it's corporations against the government, the corporation wins. Show me one exception to that in any decision written by that Supreme Court." In 2010, this ruling bloc repealed a 100-year old law and made it legal for corporations to "flood our federal political campaigns with a tsunami of money. And that is the beginning of the end."

The Story of Citizens United vs. FEC The video below explains the 2010 Supreme Court ruling defining corporations as persons and therefore granting corporations free speech via the First Amendment to the Constitution. This free speech by corporations as persons then enabled corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money in political contributions. The video provides a history and context of corporations, warns of the tyrannical effect on American democracy of this Supreme Court ruling, and how citizens lose power to corporations as a result. This Supreme Court ruling allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. Corporations can now spend millions to elect a candidate that will further their interests, which often are in direct conflict with your interests. The Supreme Court unleashed the power of corporations and is blessing this new corporatocracy in America. A corporatocracy is a political system that serves the interest of corporations. Media is controlled by corporations through advertising. Criticize or expose the advertiser and that media outlet loses revenues when the corporation withdraws advertising in retaliation. Remember, you vote and therefore contribute to the success or failure of a corporation by what you buy or do not buy from them! As a group, consumers and customers can fight against Corporate America destroying clean air, clean water, and the environment!

Humans versus Corporations versus Government Humans want good jobs, quality education, workers' rights, safe products, health care, responsible government, renewable energy, clean air, clean water, a pollution-free environment, a safe community. Corporations want profits to maximize shareholder wealth. What humans want cost money for corporations to comply with and reduces profitability in many instances. Big Oil, Big Coal, and chemical companies have weakened environmental laws, industry has weakened product safety laws and shipped jobs overseas via trade agreements, insurance companies fight against health care regulation that would threaten their profitability, and the banks, auto makers, et. al. receive bailouts, subsidies, and tax breaks. Yet extending unemployment benefits, raising taxes on corporations by eliminating tax loopholes, or raising taxes on the rich meets fierce political resistance in Congress. If you question the idea that corporations only care about profits, listen to a quarterly corporate earnings call of a publicly traded company. Google a major publicly traded corporation's "investor relations" website to see when earnings have or will be announced. Some corporations archive previous quarterly earnings conference calls. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer speak to and answer questions from the analysts of the major brokerages who follow that company and the stock. The ultimate and final issue is whether earnings per share 1) met expectations and 2) will increase in the future. That it's, that's the bottom line.

Mountain Seer Conclusion A corporation's ultimate goal is to maximize shareholder wealth. This should be a disclaimer at the beginning of every advertisement on television, radio, the Internet, print, etc. Advertising and marketing campaigns are propaganda first and foremost. Corporations are only concerned ultimately about customers buying their product or service. This is enhanced by a positive public image sometimes. One way to enhance this public image is through charitable contributions, but only to the extent earnings per share are not materially affected negatively. Corporations want a financial, political, tax, and economic system that maximizes their profitability and therefore shareholder wealth. This is enhanced by political contributions. The Supreme Court of the United States has given corporations carte blanche to manipulate the tax and political system through bribes, sometimes called political contributions, to politicians in the United Corporations of America, formerly known as the United States of America and the Land of the Free. Maintaining or restoring clean air, clean water, and a functioning ecosystem costs money, reduces profits, and ultimately decreases earnings per share for the shareholders. Therefore it is cheaper for corporations to evade these expenses through a variety of legal maneuvers and pass on the costs to the public and taxpayers.

The Story of Citizens United v. FEC The Story of Citizens United v. FEC, an exploration of the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy.

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