Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shell Oil Spill in the North Sea (Video) *Big Oil downplays environmental damage*

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A second leak has been discovered at the Gannet Alpha platform, managed by Shell, in the North Sea

Oil Spills from the Gannet Alpha Platform in the North Sea The Guardian in the UK is reporting, "Shell, which manages the Gannet Alpha platform just over a hundred miles east of Aberdeen, has admitted this morning that there is a second leak. The first, which was discovered last Wednesday but only confirmed on Friday, has already spilled approximately 1,300 barrels of oil into the sea, more than the amount spilled across the whole of 2009." In addition, "Green groups are worried about the impact on wildlife, and have criticised Shell for a lack of transparency."

Shell, Government Spin Machine Keeps Lid on Worst UK Oil Spill for Decade Royal Dutch Shell says there are now only two barrels of oil a day leaking from one of its North Sea rigs. But with an estimated two hundred tons having leaked into the water over 6 days, environmentalists say the clean-up could take some time. It's said to be the worst spill in British waters in more than a decade, and began last Wednesday. But it was only acknowledged by Shell two days later. Adam Ramsay from the UK-based People and Planet student organisation, thinks Shell and the government have been complicit in oil industry cover-ups for ages.

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