Friday, June 25, 2010

Marine Life Threatened in the Gulf: Alexandra Cousteau (Video) *Impact of BP Gulf Oil Spill on Dolphins*


Alexandra Cousteau, Founder of Blue Legacy, Telling the story of our water planet

Impact of BP Gulf Oil Spill on Dolphins

In addition to the young dolphin that washed ashore and died this week in Florida, dozens of dolphins have been found. A definitive link between these deaths and the BP Gulf Oil Spill has yet to be proven. Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of world-famous explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, believes the dolphin deaths being discovered are just the tip of the iceberg. There will be a lot more marine mammal casualties in the future.

She explains the impact and effects of oil on dolphins to Anderson Cooper in the video below. Dolphins are an indicator species whose well-being, or lack thereof, shows the health of the environment and what can happen to humans as well. The dolphins, turtles, sharks, et. al. are fleeing the oil by moving towards shore. However, this area, closer to shore, is an oxygen-depleted environment, which is taking a toll on the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. The animals dying are not necessarily washing to shore, so the true impact of the BP Gulf Oil Spill is unknown.

CNN Anderson Cooper talks to Alexandra Cousteau about the possible affects the oil spill could have on marine life.

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