Monday, June 14, 2010

BP Gulf Oil Spill Plan Included Protecting Seals, Walruses (Video) *Plan severely flawed*


Deepwater Horizon Well Fire (April 2010)

Plan Named BP "Point of Contact" Someone Who Had Died 5 Years Before

Obviously BP did a copy and paste job on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster recovery plan that included protecting cold water marine animals in the warm Gulf of Mexico, including seals, walruses, and sea otters. This was strictly a "file some paper with the government" effort and not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this was a serious endeavor. BP COO Doug Suttles provides a lame excuse about the spill plan in the video below.

"Look, it's obvious to everybody in south Louisiana that they didn't have a plan, they didn't have an adequate plan to deal with this spill.  They didn't anticipate the BOP (blowout preventer) failure. They didn't anticipate this much oil hitting our coast. From the very first days, they kept telling us, 'Don't worry, the oil's not going to make it to your coast'". - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

In the video below, MSNBC takes an aerial tour with BP COO Doug Suttles on a BP helicopter.

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