Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BP Hires Former Dick Cheney Press Aide (Video) *Anne Womack-Kolton from Dept of Energy*


For the Love of Money: Who Wants a PR Job with BP?
Former Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Energy Does!

Anne Womack-Kolton has been hired by BP to be “head of US media relations.”  That is, she has been hired to spin the daylights out of this economic and environmental catastrophe and make BP good, not bad.    She is to convince us BP does not mean Bye Planet.  Now do you really wonder how America got in the mess it is in both economically and environmentally?  How come when there is a financial or environmental meltdown, former Vice-President Dick Cheney and/or Bush Administration cohorts are around?

Think Progress has Ms. Womack-Kolton's background resume here.  She has had several government jobs, but I cannot imagine she represented We The People, more like a Big Oil minion.

Let The Spin Begin!

The plunder of America and legacy of the Bush/Cheney regime continues...

Below is a quick video note of it on the Dylan Ratigan Show:

Greenpeace: How Would You Rebrand BP? Contest

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