Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BP Gulf Oil Spill Leaves Horror In Its Wake (Video) *Dolphins observed in distress, dying, dead in oil slick*


Gulf of Mexico: Dead Bottlenose Dolphin on Beach (May 2010)

Dolphins Observed in Distress, Dying, Dead in Oil Slick

John Wathen of the Waterkeeper Alliance reports the BP Gulf Oil Spill is worse and more extensive than BP is saying. He narrates the dramatic video below as he flies out into and over the Gulf of Mexico. John observes a pod of 36 dolphins struggling to breathe in the oil slick. Then another pod of 18 is seen in the oil spill. A sperm whale just breaching is noted in the oil. Another pod of dolphins is discovered and some are already dead and some are in their death throes.

The three observers in the plane estimated they saw 100+ dolphins, many in distress or dead. The flight was about 90 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, from Alabama, towards the Deepwater Horizon well. John Wathen goes on to say the dispersants are just "hiding from sight" the extent and damage of the oil spill. The underwater plumes are huge and taking the oxygen out of the water column. The surface burning is also "ludicrous" as huge towers of smoke extend upwards into the atmosphere to burn a minute portion of oil spread out on the Gulf of Mexico.

(MSNBC: Countdown With Keith Olbermann) John Wathen, who photographed and documented the death of animals affected by the oil spill, joins Countdown to recap what he saw.

More about the Waterkeeper Alliance here.

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