Friday, December 3, 2010

Saving Tigers: Russian Tiger Park Helping Save the Species (Video) *Vladimir Putin gives tiger to park*


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with Masha
Originally his pet tiger, Putin gave Masha to the Russian tiger park in Gelendzhik

Saving Tigers: Russian Tiger Park Helping Save the Species

A Russian tiger park in Gelendzhik protects the species and hopes to increase the population, with only 3,000+ tigers remaining in the wild. This is the home of 11 Siberian tigers and a breeding facility. One tiger, Masha, was given to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2008 as a birthday present and now he has given the tiger to the preserve. Nilolay Zosin, director of the park, said one of the reasons tigers breed so well at the park is because it is not a zoo. The park began as a animal shelter.

WWF said Russia has developed an effective strategy of saving endangered tigers: setting aside protected areas, anti-poaching efforts, and a ban on hunting tigers. Igor Chestin, head of the WWF in Russia, "for the last 20 years we have more or less a stable population of tigers at the level of 400 to 500 animals". This was from a previous low estimated at 300 to 350 tigers.

Russia originally created in 2007 the 200,000 acre Zov Tigra (‘Roar of the Tiger’) National Park, for the Siberian tiger. Also in 2007, the ‘Udege Legend’ National Park for tiger conservation as well as the preservation of an indigenous way of life, was established. Russia protected a total of 419,000 acres of Siberian tiger habitat.

(CNN) Colleen McEdwards shows us a Russian tiger park helping to save the species.

Leonardo DiCaprio donated $1 million to saving tigers at the recent Tiger Conservation Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia

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