Sunday, December 12, 2010

BP Gulf Oil Spill Impact Update: "Everything is Dead" (Video) US Navy: "Little sign of life"


Deep-ocean research submersible of the US Navy

BP Gulf Oil Spill Impact Update: "Everything is Dead"

BP is challenging the US government on how much oil spilled in the BP Gulf Oil Spill. The US government calculated 206 million gallons were spilled. BP says it was actually just half that amount, which would save BP $3 billion in fines. While the fine may be based on the spillage amount, the impact was, is, and will continue to be catastrophic to the ecosystem.

Alvin, the deep-ocean research submersible of the US Navy, has been diving 5,000 feet to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico to assess and observe the impact of the BP Gulf Oil Spill. The observations as a result of 6 months of research are disturbing:
"A world shellacked by it" (the oil 5,000 feet below on the ocean floor)
"5,000 feet down what should look like a forest is a desert"
"A mile below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico, there is little sign of life."
"Everything is dead"
"They were shocked by 80 square miles of devastation"
"Oily residue cakes the sea floor"
"Take a long, long time to turn over - years to decades"

The size of the impact area is still undetermined. The duration of this impact is also unknown. Even the total amount of oil spilled is still being calculated.

(ABC News) Exclusive: Submarine Dive Finds Oil, Dead Sea Life at Bottom of Gulf of Mexico, Though Region is Healing, Damage From BP Spill Persists on Ocean Floor, Scientists Say.

Greenpeace: "Redesign BP Logo's" Contest
"How would you rebrand BP?"

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