Thursday, December 23, 2010

American Buffalo Being Forced From Natural Habitat (Video) *Harmful methods used by USA government*


American bison (Bison bison) aka American buffalo
"Home on the Range" - Forget About It! (Jane Velez-Mitchell)

Buffalo Being Forced From Natural Habitat: Harmful Methods Used By USA Government

The USA government is attempting to confine the American Buffalo just to Yellowstone Park. Buffalo that step outside the Yellowstone Park boundary are "shot on sight, shipped off to slaughter houses, or a war zone obtains itself with helicopters and ATVs and they run these buffalo up to 15 miles a day." says Mike Mease, Co-Founder of Buffalo Field Campaign. "They are subject to a taxpayer-funded management program that consists of hazing them back into Yellowstone Park". Injuries occur to the buffalo during this hazing.

"If this was on the Animal Channel, we'd have these people arrested for the way they treat and abuse these sacred beings". (Mike Mease, Buffalo Field Campaign)

Christian Mackay of the Montana Department of Livestock counters these efforts are to isolate the bison from cattle to reduce the transmission risk of the disease brucellosis from bison to cattle. Mike Mease responds that elk (or wapiti Cervus canadensis) have the same disease, brucellosis, and roam free. Further, Mease states there is also a conflict of interest in that the government agencies, including the Montana Department of Livestock, are representing the interests of the cattle industry. "They (the cattle industry) want that grass for their cows. The cattle gave this disease to the wildlife (e.g. bison and elk) and now they (the cattle industry) are complaining they are giving it back to them".

CNN "Buffalo Forced From Natural Habitat?" Critics claim the government is using harmful methods to force buffalo from their natural range.

The American Buffalo
Has the USA government declared war on the American bison?

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