Friday, May 25, 2012

Unexplained Dolphin Strandings Continue at Cape Cod, 100+ Dolphins Have Died

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Unexplained Dolphin Strandings Continue at Cape Cod Dolphins continue beaching themselves at Cape Cope. This mass stranding event began January 12. The International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, has been leading the rescue effort and deploying resources to save the dolphins. The strandings are a mystery, although many explanations have been conjectured. To-date, 177 short-beaked common dolphins have stranded on Cape Cod in the last month and 124 have died. The total is nearly five times the average of 37 common dolphins that have stranded annually during the last 12 years. The numbers increase daily.

Mysterious Dolphin Beachings Persist on Cape Cod (CBS/AP) WELLFLEET, Mass. - There's no good spot on Cape Cod for dolphins to continue this winter's massive and unexplained beachings, but a group of 11 has chosen one of the worst. The remote inlet down Wellfleet's Herring River is a place where the tides recede fast and far, and that's left the animals mired in a grayish-brown mud one local calls "Wellfleet mayonnaise." Walking is the only way to reach the animals, but it's not easy. Rescuers crunch through cord grass and seashells before hitting a grabby muck that releases a footstep only after a sucking pop. One volunteer hits a thigh-deep "hole" and tumbles forward. The mud covers his face like messy war paint the rest of the morning.

Amazing Marine Mammal and Rescue Team Efforts In this short video, produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team staff and volunteers help as many dolphins as possible during one of the largest common dolphin stranding events on record.

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