Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Dolphins Steal the Show (Videos) *Diego, Doerte, Darwin make first public appearance*

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Doerte with mother Delphi at Duisburg Zoo in Germany

Star Attractions at Duisburg Zoo The star attractions at Germany's Duisburg Zoo, baby dolphins Diego, Doerte and Darwin make their first public appearance. The three were born in the late summer to different females. Zoo director, Achim Winker says the births are very special because dolphin breeding in captivity is a relatively new discipline. Winker said, "It took the young dolphins about half an hour to be born and they immediately swam to the water surface to take their first breath. Since then they have swum next to their mothers as dolphins do".

Baby dolphins swim into Germans’ hearts Baby dolphins Diego, Doerte and Darwin make their first public appearance at Germany's Duisburg zoo. Tara Cleary reports.

Dolphins Steal the Show at German Zoo Three baby dolphins are the star attraction of Germany's Duisburg Zoo. The three dolphins named Diego, Doerte and Darwin were born in late summer to three different mothers. According to the zoo, the birth of the animals was a very rare occurrence.

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