Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exxon Yellowstone River Oil Spill: Discrepancies Begin (Video) *Exxon understates response time & scope*


Rancher Alexis Bonogofsky's summer pasture was flooded with oil-contaminated Yellowstone River waters Saturday morning. Bonogofsky said she was nearly overwhelmed by strong fumes when she went to check flood conditions. / Photo Courtesy Alexis Bonogofsky

Exxon Yellowstone River Oil Spill Still no definitive assessment from federal, state, or local officials as to the the extent of the environmental and crop damage from at least 42,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the flooding Yellowstone River. The ruptured pipeline supplies 40,000+ barrels a day to a refinery in Billings, Montana. Keith Olbermann discusses the discrepancies of Exxon reports of the Yellowstone River Oil Spill with Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones in the video below. Big Oil aka Exxon Mobil is being vague and using the old BP confusion tactic. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer stated, "I am absolutely sure that I am the only governor in America who is also a soil scientist. There ain't nobody going to blow smoke up the south side of this north-facing governor."
● The Department of Transportation stated the pipeline was not shutdown for 56 minutes, while Exxon Mobil Pipeline President Gary Pruessing originally said minutes!
● Exxon has been vague on the total amount of oil spilled. Was it 1,000 barrels? No, wait, it was 750 barrels. Hmmn, we'll figure this all out later...
● Exxon now says the oil is 25 miles downstream but citizens are saying 240 miles.
● The cause of the pipeline rupture and resulting spill is unknown.
● Exxon had been cited for safety violations for this pipeline, including emergency preparedness.

How Bad Is Exxon's Montana Mess? It turns out Exxon Mobil took nearly twice as long as they'd earlier revealed to fully seal a pipeline that leaked roughly 1,000 barrels of crude oil into Montana's Yellowstone River. Keith talks with Countdown Contributor and Mother Jones writer Kate Sheppard to discuss how this could happen so soon after the BP spill... and who deserves a sticky coat of shame.

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