Friday, May 20, 2011

Rare Sumatran Tigers Recorded on Camera (Video) *Critically Endangered: about 400 tigers remaining in Sumatra*


Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)

Rare Sumatran Tigers Recorded on Camera

A World Wildlife Fund (WWF) effort has captured critically endangered Sumatran tigers on camera trap video. WWF estimates the worldwide population of Sumatran tigers at "around 400". This tiger subspecies only remains on the island of Sumatra, its last stronghold. The species previously lived throughout Indonesia, including Bali and Java.

A total of 12 tigers, including 2 mothers each with a cub, were recorded over a period of 2 months in the central Sumatra area of Bukit Tigapuluh. 3 young tigers were recorded playing with a leaf. This evidence of breeding in the area gives hope for the sustainability of the species. However, the area monitored is not protected and is designated an "industrial forest estate". Habitat destruction by deforestation has caused the Sumatran tiger population to be classified as critically endangered.

There is a real possibility the tigers recorded will ultimately lose their habitat through logging. "Rampant deforestation" has occurred in this area. Palm oil and paper plantations have replaced the original habitat. Poaching is also a concern, especially as tigers are forced from native habitat by deforestation. The Bali and Java tigers, also Indonesian tigers, are gone as a result of deforestation on those neighboring islands. That leaves the tigers of Sumatra as the last Indonesian tigers.

Rare Tigers Caught on Camera Endangered Sumatran tigers have been caught on camera in an Indonesian forest. Gemma Haines reports.

The Sumatran tiger is found exclusively on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the last stronghold for tigers in Indonesia.

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