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GoDaddy CEO Kills Elephant in Africa! (Video) Bob Parsons Named "Scummiest CEO"


Which One Is The Problem?

GoDaddy CEO Shoots Elephant in Africa!

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons has created a controversy by shooting a "problem" bull elephant in Labola, Zimbabwe on March 8, 2011. The uproar started when Parsons posted a video (below) which included the actual killing of the elephant. The video begins with Bob Parsons explaining for the past 2 years, he spends 10 days in Zimbabwe hunting problem elephants. His effort of "properly dealing with elephants", that is shooting the elephants, "saves crops, feeds villagers, and helps maintain elephant herds". He states the video shows "one typical day and night".

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons and his "team" are "flagged down by a desperate farmer afraid of losing everything". Parsons states, "This is a prime example of the damage these elephants have been causing in the sorghum field" as he waves his hand. "Just hammered!", Parsons exclaims. Music then begins and "Damage is extensive. Unless elephant are stopped entire crop may be lost. When crops are lost subsistence farmers risk starvation. Sunset is at 6:45 p.m. The team is in for a long wait sitting quietly in the dark."

Well, okay! Bob Parsons has investigated the crime scene and the criminals are identified. Wild elephants! The team sets up at dark to wait for the return of these destructive animals. "At least three bull elephants return to field just before 10 pm". Unfortunately for Parsons and his team, the conditions are not optimal for killing elephants, "It's black dark. No moon. Limited startlight. Team members can barely see each other." Apparently persistence and determination are necessary to kill elephants at night and Parsons' and his team have these qualities.

Parsons continues, "Team moves slowly into field using sound and vague dark shapes against horizon to locate elephants. No visibility makes navigating thru tall and twisted sorghum plants very slow going. An hour passes as team slowly makes it's way into position." The music begins towards a crescendo! [Muffled whispers in background] "Once in position team spreads out in horizontal line and walks slowly towards the elephants." [More muffled whispers in background]

Parsons warns us, "Bulls are aggressive at night. [But not as murderous as Parsons and team?] Two hear the team and quickly turn and move on them. But Parsons and his team are ready, "Team waits until elephants are close then turns on lights duct taped to their rifles and opens fire." [Elephant trumpets! Lights come on! Rifle fires, KABOOM! Smoke from rifle! Another rifle shot! KABOOM!] Parsons continues, "The plan works. Only one bull is killed. The rest stamped out of the field unhurt. [Bob Parsons is kind-hearted, of course, according to Bob Parsons]

"Early the next morning hungry villagers butcher the elephant. As more and more villagers arrive in hopes of getting something to eat. Some walk as far as 20 miles." [To feast on Great White Hunter Parsons' overnight kill?] A large crowd gathers around the elephant carcass and the butchering begins. "Even though the elephant was huge, there is not enought meat for everyone." [Parsons and his team don't mess around, they shoot huge elephants!]

Now we come to the GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Happy Ending: "Bulls do not return to field. Crops are saved. Many hungry villagers eat." [It's a festive occasion thanks to Bob Parsons, Elephant Shooter!] In conclusion, Bob Parsons and team have attributed many achievements to themselves by "properly dealing with elephants" by shooting them:
Saves crops
Feeds villagers
● Helps maintain elephant herds

Bob Parsons, GoDaddy CEO
Finalist for "Most Delusional Worldview" Trophy sponsored by Mountain Seer and Neo Solomon
Category: Vainglorious Murder of Elephant

PETA: GoDaddy CEO Named "Scummiest" Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, is so heinous that we created an award just for him: the Scummiest CEO of the Year Award. Parsons recently boasted on his blog that he traveled to Zimbabwe to shoot elephants and posted a graphic video of the slaughter. He tried to justify the killing by pointing out that elephants sometimes eat farmers' crops, saying, "It's one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do." We don't see how it could be "beneficial" or "rewarding" to mow down animals who are among the most intelligent and social on Earth. Elephants reason, use tools, and have exceptional memories. They are the only species besides humans, great apes, and dolphins who have been shown to be "self aware" (meaning that they can recognize themselves in a mirror). Elephants form deep bonds and comfort and protect each other. Their mourning rituals over the death of a family member rival any that we humans have developed. How many elephants are mourning the family member whom Parsons killed for fun? And it certainly was for fun, since there are many humane ways to keep elephants away from crops, like chili-infused string, cowbells, and spotlights. PETA is canceling our account with Go Daddy and taking our domain-name business elsewhere—and we're asking everyone to do the same. Please email Bob Parsons and tell him you will not use Go Daddy's services until he agrees to stop shooting animals.

Hunting Problem Elephant (GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons) Each year I go to Zimbabwe and hunt problem elephant. It's one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do. This video shows a typical day of this year's trip. I just returned home today March 14, 2011.

Per GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons: "Viewer Discretion Advised - Contains Scenes of Graphic Violence"
[Bob Parsons takes care of business and it requires graphic violence! Be Advised!]

Elelphant Facts - Defenders of Wildlife

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