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Dead Baby Dolphins at the Gulf of Mexico (Videos) *BP Gulf Oil Spill & Catastrophe Update*


Baby Bottlenose Dolphin dead on beach at Gulf of Mexico (2011)
BP marine life massacre continues

Dead Dolphins at the Gulf of Mexico
*BP Gulf Oil Spill Update*

The BP Gulf Oil Spill is not over just because the mass media left and BP launched a massive advertising campaign to spin "all is well". A previous post, "BP Gulf Oil Impact Update: Everything is Dead" reported on the U.S. Navy stating there was "little sign of life" near the spill site. The BP marine life massacre continues as the devastating and deadly effects of the BP Gulf Oil Spill continue washing up carcasses on the beaches. And that is only what carnage can be seen from shore and doesn't include the massacre continuing underwater and on the sea floor.

Dead Dolphins Wash Up on Beach In the first video below, the Associated Press reports from the Mississippi Gulf Coast that an alarming number of dead baby dolphins are being washed up on shore. "Is last year's BP Gulf Oil Spill having lingering effects?". Dr. Moby Salangi, Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, says regarding all these dead baby dolphins, "It could be the environment, weather, their fisheries, some changes in their food habits, it could be a cyclical change. We are going to do the forensic studies, we are going to do the necropsy, the pathology, the toxicology, and try to get to the bottom of it." Megan Broadway, a researcher, is taking samples of the layers of fat, "A lot of toxic chemicals and heavy metals can become trapped in that layer, so that's a good indicator of what they (the dead dolphins) have been exposed to in their life." So far at least 28 dead dolphins have been found in Mississippi and Alabama in 2011 (as of February 23), "but this is far ahead of the 2010 pace, when a total of 89 were reported for all of last year." In addition, a beached whale has been spotted in Texas. "Scientists note this is all happening early in the birthing season which gets into full swing next month (March)." NOAA has stated they are also monitoring the situation.

Toxic Mix of Oil and Dispersant In the second video below, Jerry Cope, in a short film, reports at Orange Beach, Alabama on the Gulf Coast, "Mayor Tony Kennon is tired of hearing about the oil spill and reminded journalists how much tax revenue depends beach tourism. As unprecedented numbers of dolphins wash up dead on the beaches. Marketing kicks into high gear for Spring Break and Summer Tourists. The toxic mix of oil and dispersant is everywhere on the Gulf Coast. Graphic images of dead dolphins on the beach are then provided. Captain Lori DeAngelis of Dolphin Queen Cruises explains the carcass of a dead dolphin on the beach, "most notably, it's (the carcass) is black on the upper side. The top side of the body is all black. That is not the normal coloration for a bottlenose dolphin. The skin is most definitely burned. This is a really bad sign for what's going on in the waters out there. Our entire food chain within the Gulf of Mexico is affected, there's no denying that. NOAA has declared this an 'unusual mortality event' as this is a highly unusual number of (dead) dolphins washing ashore. I think we have a lot more coming". With upwards of 100 dead dolphins already washed up on shore in 2011 and an estimated 5,000 dolphins living in the Gulf of Mexico, "that's getting to be a high number". Ms. DeAngelis continues, "Obviously there has been great effect to the dolphin community and to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico from the Deep Horizon Spill. Let's say Catastrophe, not Spill, because a Spill would have been able to be cleaned up but this is beyond that now."

Associated Press "More Dead Dolphins in the Gulf Raises QuestionsScientists have found four more dead baby dolphins on Horn Island in the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico and another on Ono Island off Orange Beach, Ala., adding to the unusually high number of dead dolphins found in the past two months.

Jerry Cope "More Dead Dolphins Wash Up On Orange Beach Alabama" 4 More Dead Dolphins Wash Onshore on the Gulf Coast This One In Orange Beach Alabama. As Marketing Wratches Up For Spring Break and The Summer Tourist Season. Captain Lori DeAngelis of Dolphin Queen Cruises Examines the Remains On A Beach Covered With Fresh Highly Toxic Crude. Some of the light marks you see are shark bites, but this poor guy was covered in oil/dispersant and did not taste good.

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