Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: BP Press Conference Update (Video) *Mitigation efforts continue*


Day 23 of Gulf Oil Spill

(Photo: Brown Pelican threatened by spill, currently nesting on barrier islands in Gulf of Mexico)

BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles held a press conference and update on the company's efforts this afternoon (full video below).  He stated that it appears the underwater dispersants, near the actual leak itself, are working.  Another attempt of the key solution, the 6 inch riser insertion tube to be placed within the 21 inch leaking drill pipe, will be later tonight.  This tube was pulled back to the surface yesterday, but is now back on the sea floor for another attempt.

COO Suttles stated that relief well activity continues, one well is being drilled (now on 13th day of drilling) and another is to be started on Sunday.  Weather has not been favorable for oil slick skimming or burning operations.  The massive response effort now involves 17,0000 people, 1.2 million feet of boom, 38 aircraft, 650 vessels, 4 states, government agencies, and numerous contractors. 

Let us hope that the riser insertion tube can be successfully installed tonight to at least mitigate the spill, if not totally contain it!

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